To trace Ascension’s ministry in Colombia one would have to go back to connections with missionaries to Colombia in 1936.  Gerhard and Helene Ostrem were two of the first Lutheran missionaries who travelled to Colombia to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Colombian people. One of these Colombian people was José Hernán Ariza, whose family was one of the first to become Lutheran. Hernán married Carol Ostrem, daughter of Gerhard and Helene, and you might say the rest is history. Only history continues to be written, as members of Ascension continue the journey set out by these first missionaries.

Members of Ascension began to support Colombia missions in 2006 when our Designated Ministry project became a student’s residence that was the vision of Hernán Ariza, called the “Hogar Llanero Brisas del Canada.” (Home for children of the plains, with breezes from Canada).                                                       READ MORE