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As part of morning prayer, we are tweeting the entire Bible: 1 chapter a day, 4 days a week. New tweets will be posted as every book is completed. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

#BibleTweets - Deuteronomy*

*As we began this process on a bit of a whim, we start part way into the book of Deuteronomy.

Deut 12: do away with temples of other gods. worship Yahweh in one place, including EVERYBODY. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 13: harshest punishment for false prophets and ANYONE who tries to make God’s people fall away from God. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 14: as people of the Lord detailed food regulations and tithing schedules need to be observed. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 15: give generously to the poor and be good to your slaves, for the Lord has been good to you. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 16: worship, celebrate + remember God’s provision together. always share justly with the most vulnerable. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 17: about communal living where following the law ensures justice; the king can’t have royal privileges. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 18: God provides for all needs, including the Levites’. God appoints prophets to proclaim God’s word. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 19: God provides protection and justice among the people, thru cities of refuge and eyewitness laws. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 20: no mercy 4 peoples within Israel’s borders, but beyond = ok. if afraid, engaged, or farmer stay home #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 21: how to deal communally w/ dishonor from defiled land, female captives, legacy issues, stubborn son. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 22: laws to protect communal living; death penalty for premarital sex, adultery, and rape. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 23: laws for remaining pure/clean. precepts to protect slaves, Edomites, + Egyptians. reject “dirty$$”. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 24: remember you were slaves in Egypt, so care for resident aliens, orphans, widows, + divorced women. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 25: more laws regarding wrong-doing, animal cruelty, levirate marriage, dishonesty, and holding grudges. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 26: first fruit goes to God. tithing is a joyful worship experience beneficial to the whole community. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 27: after crossing into Promised Land: write laws, build an altar, keep 12 curses to protect society. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 28: obedience = many blessings. disobedience brings awful curses. even the Egyptians won't want you back #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 29: renewal of the covenant between God and Israel. turning away from God leads to harsh consequences. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 30: God is life. keep God's laws and you and your descendants will receive life. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 31: God appoints Joshua as Israel's new leader + promises God's presence on the next part of the journey #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 32: Moses' song: God chooses Israel, Israel disobeys, God punishes, and God vindicates and restores. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 33: on his deathbed Moses blesses the tribes of Israel in one fell swoop - except the tribe of Simeon!? #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Deut 34: Moses sees the promised land, dies afterwards. Joshua is filled with God's Spirit + ready to lead. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

#BibleTweets - Joshua

Josh 1: Joshua takes over. the people will cross the Jordan. God says Be strong + courageous, I am with you. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 2: Joshua sends spies to Jericho: God saves them through Rahab, they promise her family safety in return #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 3: God is with Israel as people follow the ark across the Jordan on dry land. give ark proper respect! #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 4: two monuments are built out of 12 rocks each to remind of God's presence during the Jordan crossing. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 5: circumcision and Passover mark Israel's entry into the promised land. Joshua sees God as a warrior. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 6: God gives Jericho to Israel without battle. all its citizens are killed, except Rahab and her family. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 7: First defeat in Promised Land due to Achan's theft of what is God's. A's whole household is killed. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 8: conquest of Ai: all living creatures are killed. Joshua builds an altar + reviews the Law with Israel #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 9: ballsy Gibeonites escaped extinction by lying about not living in Canaan: got peace treaty w/ Joshua. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 10: Israel under Joshua begins to conquer Canaan mercilessly slaughtering everyone + everything! unreal! #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 11: merciless slaughtering of all living things continues (commanded by Moses???). then a temporary rest #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 12: list of all defeated kings + cities conquered by Moses + Joshua, + how the Promised Land is divided. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 13: an overview of how the Promised Land is allotted: Moses divided east of the Jordan, Joshua the west. #AscensionYEG #BibleTweets

Josh 14: Caleb explored the Promised Land at God’s command. Joshua blesses Caleb + gives him Hebron in return #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Josh 15: Allotment of land for Judah. Couldn’t dislodge Jebusites from Jerusalem – they’re allowed to stay. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Josh 16: Allotment for Ephraim. Canaanites in Gezer allowed to stay, but are required to do forced labour. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Josh 17: allotments continue. the Josephites complain about "needing" more land, but don't want hill country. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Josh 18: leaving the decision to God by casting lots, Joshua gives land to the remaining tribes of Israel. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Josh 19: the dividing of the land between the tribes is finished. God gives Joshua the town he asks for. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Josh 20: six cities of refuge are appointed where asylum and fair trial are granted for accidental murders. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Josh 21: the Levites receive cities + nearby pastures in the other tribes' lands. God's promise is fulfilled. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Josh 22: Israel divided by Jordan into east + west. confusion about where to worship God leads to risk of war #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Josh 23: God blesses Israel w/ peace. Joshua warns against idol worship + losing land through intermarriage. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Josh 24: Joshua reviews God's involvement w/ Israel and renews Abrahamic covenant w/ all. He dies of old age. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - Judges

Jdg 1: after Joshua's death Israel = leaderless. more enemies r conquered, become slaves or live among Israel #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 2: Israel is unfaithful. God gets angry. people cry. God sends judge to deliver. Israel is unfaithful... #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 3: Israel does evil. God sends 1st judges to free them from enemy kings. time of peace after each battle. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 4: Israel does evil. judge:Deborah. Jael (woman) kills enemy Sisera:peg thru head+king Jabin = defeated #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 5: Deborah + Barak's victory + praise song about Sisera + Canaan's defeat because of God's participation. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 6:Israel does evil.enemy destroys crops for yrs.Gideon=deliverer.asks God for affirmation.God is with him #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 7: God picks 300 troops for Gideon. surprise attack on large enemy army. glorious victory in God's name. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 8:Gideon+300 defeat all Israels enemies.Gideon=king? NO! God=king!Gideon dies an old man.Israel does evil #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 9: Abimelech:self-declared king. initiates treason, murder, battles. dies by a woman. his monarchy failed #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 10: 2 deliverers after Abimelech. Israel does evil again, suffers greatly. God is angry but with Israel. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg11:Jephthah=great warrior leader.diplomacy w/enemy fails.war.victory.

b/c of holy vow sacrifices only child #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 12: intertribal conflict. Jephthah wins over Ephramites. after J dies, three other judges for 7 yrs each #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 13: Israel does evil. taken by Philistines. an angel foretells Samson's birth; dedicates boy to God. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 14: Samson's first wedding disaster: selfish lust, riddles in Smeagle-fashion, and murder in God's name. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 15:Samson=too much muscle, anger management issues.won't take no for an answer. Israel's judge for 20yrs. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 16:Delilah cracks Samson's secret of strength by much nagging;he takes 1000s of enemies into death w/ him #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg17: Israel slips into chaos: no leaders, stealing, idolatry, self-righteously ordains personal priests,... #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg 18: Israel's slide into sin continues. the Danites settle, have their personal priest, and worship idols. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg19: chaos reigns:a Levite + his concubine: grizzly gang rape, murder, +mutilation of the woman. NO refuge! #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg20: God's command: Israel repay Benjaminites for concubine's brutal death in fierce battles. few survivors #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Jdg21:Israel: compassion on Benjamin;abducts 600 virgins to prevent tribe's extinction. Israel still in chaos #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - Ruth

Ruth 1:Elimelech + family move to Moab. Elimelech dies, 2 sons marry + die. Naomi + Ruth go back to Bethlehem #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ruth 2: Ruth gleans in Boaz's field. He offers her protection because of family ties; is very generous. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ruth3: Ruth offers herself to Boaz for marriage. he's willing but a closer relative is entitled to her first. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ruth 4:closest kin turns Ruth down; Boaz marries her. Naomi nurses baby Obed who is king David's grandfather. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - 1 Samuel

1 Sam 1:Hannah = barren but faithful to God. God listens: Samuel's birth + dedication to God after he is weaned. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 2: Hannah's prayer of thanks: Samuel lives in Temple. God will punish all Eli's family bc of wicked sons. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 3:God calls Samuel one night. he becomes priest, prophet + later kingmaker. Israel listens to + trusts him. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 4: Philistines defeat Israel in battle. capture Ark of Covenant: God's presence is gone. Eli + sons die. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 5: God defeats Philistine gods, causes panic + tumors in people wherever Ark goes; they plan to get rid of it #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 6: Philistines repent. God brings Ark back to Israel. people rejoice, God kills some who look into Ark. people fear God #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 7: Israel recovers its territory from Philistines with God's help. Samuel judges Israel his whole life. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 8: Israel demands a king like the other nations. Samuel warns them but they insist. God grants a king. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 9: God tells Samuel Saul will be king. Saul has no clue, looking for lost donkeys. Samuel fills Saul in. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 10: Samuel anoints and proclaims Saul king of Israel. some refuse to accept him as God's chosen king. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 11:enemy threatens Israel. defeated by Saul. he forgives Israelites who doubted him. all Israel rejoices. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 12: Samuel talks to all Israel, reminds them of God's steadfast faithfulness + kingship over Israel + Saul #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 13:enemy threat: desperate Saul makes unlawful sacrifice to God. Samuel removes kingship from Saul's house. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 14: Saul orders troops: fast or be cursed. Israel wins, people protect Jonathan from death. he = faithful, Saul = religious #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 15: Saul makes more poor decisions. Samuel is livid. God is disappointed. a new king is in the making. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 16: Samuel anoints David as king. Saul: plagued by evil spirit. David: called to soothe Saul with lyre. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 17: David strikes and kills Goliath with a rock. Israel defeats Philistines. Saul wonders who David is. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 18: Jonathan + David make a covenant. David's growing popularity gets Saul jealous. David marries Michal. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 19: Saul wants to kill David. Jonathan intercedes. David flees to Samuel. God protects David from Saul. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 20: Saul: obsessed with killing David. Jonathan + David: covenant to respect + honour David's future kingship. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 21: David flees, seeks provisions from priests. plan: mercenary for enemy. recognized: pretends to be insane. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 22: David: on the run. Saul: severely paranoid, kills priests who fed David. one escapes: warns David. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 23: David still runs. Saul closes in on him. Jonathan renews vow to David. God saves David at last minute. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 24: David could have killed Saul, refuses. they talk. Saul realizes that God has appointed David as king. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 25: Samuel dies. Nabal refuses David's men supplies. Abigail stops David from killing Nabal; Nabal dies. David marries Abigail. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 26: David: another chance to kill Saul, but leaves judgment to God instead. Saul: blesses David. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 27: David settles with Philistines. makes Philistine king believe David is attacking Israel. attacks Philistine allies instead.#BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 28: David: bodyguard for Philistine king. God judges Saul faithless; rejects him as king. Saul's fate is sealed.#BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 29: David keeps up scheme against Philistine king who believes in David's integrity. other Philistine leaders don't buy it.#BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 30: David fights against another enemy. rescues his property (including his wives), shares spoil with friends. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Sam 31: Saul and his three sons die in battle against the Philistines. Samuel's prophecy is fulfilled. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - 2 Samuel

2 Sam 1: David learns of Saul and Jonathan's deaths, kills the messenger. grieves with all Israel through lament. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 2: David is anointed king of Judah. Israel splits into 2 kingdoms. brother fighting brother. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam3: war. David's house: stronger, Saul's: weaker. Abner wants peace with David. Saul's son kills Abner. David + all people grieve. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 4: Saul's son Ishbaal is murdered by David's men without his command. David has them killed for their deed. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 5: David 3rd time anointed as king, 40yr reign. expands, Jerusalem = HQ, more sons, smites Philistines. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 6: David brings ark to Jerusalem. Uzzah touches ark: dies. Michal is annoyed with David's naked worship dance. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 7: David wants to build God a house. God isn't interested. David asks God to bless him and his house. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 8: David is victoriously expanding his empire, treasury, and name through genocide, with God's support. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 9:David shows kindness by restoring Saul's land to Jonathan's son + inviting him to eat at David's table always #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 10: David offers renewed loyalty to enemy King's son, is rejected. battle. outnumbered Israel wins. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 11: while others fight David's battle David takes possession of Bathsheba. has Uriah killed because Bathsheba is pregnant. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 12: God through Nathan scolds David. David's son dies, Solomon is born. enemies = crushed. David crowned as demi-god. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 13: David's daughter Tamar: raped by David's son Amnon. David: does nothing. Absolom: kills Amnon in revenge. flees. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 14: through lies and deceit, David is tricked into forgiving handsome Absolom who returns to Jerusalem. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 15: Absolom wins peoples hearts, declares himself king. David flees, sends trusted people back to spy on Absolom. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 16: David faces strong opposition. Absolom in Jerusalem: publicly rapes David's concubines to mark his territory #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 17: Ahithophel + Hushai counsel Absolom how to kill David. Hushai warns David: David flees. David + Absolom prepare for battle. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 18: a vicious battle ensues. David orders Absolom spared. Joab disobeys David and kills Absolom. David is inconsolable. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 19: grieving David dismisses Joab, pardons rebels to keep Israel united. hires foreigners to his government #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 20:Joab kills Amasa (commander);attacks city where rebel Sheba hides. woman gives Sheba's head to end war. Joab in charge again #BibleTweets

2 Sam 21: long famine. 7 sons of Saul sacrificed. Rizpah guards bodies. rain. David at war grows weary. David's men step in #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 22: David's song of thanksgiving for God's deliverance + steadfast faithfulness, blessing David + Israel. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 23: David's last words: God is King of Israel + faithful despite our shortcomings. list of David's mighty men. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Sam 24: famine. David: calls census. God: angry. David: asks to be punished by God. God: sends plague. David builds altar. God relents #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - 1 Kings

1 Kgs 1: David's oldest son declares himself king, but David anoints Solomon king instead. Solomon pardons his brother. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 2: David advises Solomon to punish David's adversaries but pardon others. Solomon obeys by killing 3 higher-ups. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 3: Solomon asks God for wisdom. first case: 2 women arguing over a child. Solomon wisely solves problem. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 4: 12 tribes: responsible to feed Solomon + palace. S's reputation of wisdom spreads. peaceful times. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 5: Solomon: treaty w/ Phoenician King: cedar wood for temple in exchange for forced laborers, wheat+oil.#BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 6: Solomon builds the temple in 7 years. super-precise record of the building process. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 7: Solomon builds his own palace and other buildings. employs skilled bronze worker to beautify temple. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 8: God moves into Temple. Solomon prays to God+blesses Israel. all sacrifice in thanksgiving for 7days. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 9:God likes Temple and Solomon's work. S makes lucrative deals with foreign king. lots of slave labour. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 10: Queen of Sheba visits Solomon, seeks wisdom, exchanges gifts, marvels at S's vast wealth and power. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1Kgs11: Solomon's foreign wives turn S from God. unrest stirs. S dies. God divides Israel. S's son takes over #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1Kgs12:Israel splits:2 kings:Rehoboam (Judah)+Jeroboam (Isr).R:harsh ruler. J erects idols for Isr to worship #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1Kgs13: prophet foresees fall of Isr,conned+killed by another prophet. anyone ordained who wants to be priest. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1Kgs14: Jeroboam's son dies because Jeroboam led Israel astray. prophesy: destruction of Israel. war between Israel + Judah continues. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1Kgs15+16: high turnover rate of Israel + Judah dynasties because they lead people away from God. exception: Asa. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 17: Elijah: foresees drought in Israel, seeks refuge with a widow in Sidon, revives her son from death. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 18: Elijah challenges Ahab and the priests of Baal. God is the god above all gods. 3-year drought ends. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 19: Jezebel: death-threat; Elijah: hides. God: calls Elijah to return, anoint 2 kings and Elijah's successor. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 20: Ahab goes to war against Arameans, defeats them. opposition to Ahab. Ahab and Israel are condemned. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 21: Ahab covets Naboth's land. Naboth refuses. Jezebel has Naboth killed. God will wipe out Ahab's entire dynasty. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Kgs 22: Micaiah prophesies the ruin of all Israel. Ahab dies in battle. Ahab's son: successor, does evil. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - 2 Kings

2 Kgs 1: after bad fall King Ahaziah of Israel asks Baal if he will survive. Elijah predicts Ahaziah's death. Ahaziah dies. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 2: Elijah is taken up to heaven. Elisha succeeds Elijah inheriting his power, travels + performs miracles. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 3: Israel + Judah fight against Moab. Elisha predicts victory. Moab king: sacrifices son. Moab god: mad. Israel: leaves. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 4: miracle man Elisha: widow becomes wealthy, dead boy lives, toxic stew safe, 100 fed with 20 loaves. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 5: another miracle: Elisha cures Naaman from leprosy + curses his greedy servant with leprosy in turn. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 6: Elisha makes iron float. warns Israelite King about attack by Aram, traps Aramean army. Samaria = famine: Elisha’s life at risk. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 7: Elisha predicts end of famine. lepers find Aram army has fled, tell Israelite King. Aramean camp raided, famine ends. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 8: King of Aram = ill, asks Elisha: recover? no. king’s killer Hazael = king. Elisha: Hazael will do great harm to Israel. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 9: new king of Israel kills kings of Israel + Judah in battle. Elijah's prophecy of Jezebel's violent death comes true. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 10: Jehu kills all Ahab's descendants + Baal priests to fulfill God's word. fails to destroy golden calves. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 11: Jehu dies. king of Judah dies, too. one son is spared from death. is made king of Judah at age 7. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 12: King Joash: keeps high places, gets money for temple repairs. Hazael threatens Joash. Joash pays bribe; servants kill Joash. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 13: Israel kings keep doing evil. Elisha prophesies victory over Aram 3x, then dies. Israel king defeats Aram 3x. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 14: Amaziah of Judah = good. Jehoash of Israel = bad. Israel + Judah fight. Jehoash loots Jerusalem, temple, treasury. both die. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 15: kings of Israel keep doing evil. kings of Judah keep doing right - except taking down the high places. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 16: Ahaz of Judah sacrifices son, allies with Assyria, copies Damascan altar, uses Temple altar to see future. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 17: Israel + Judah worship other gods + God. God: mad, wants them to stop. they won't listen: captured by Assyria. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 18: Hezekiah (Judah): removes high places, trusts God. Jerusalem threatened by Assyria, doesn't give in. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 19: King Hezekiah consults prophet Isaiah. God's angel destroys army of Assyria + king is killed. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 20: Hezekiah gravely ill: Isaiah predicts recovery. Babylonian king visits, Hezekiah shows off; Isaiah predicts Babylonian Exile. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 21: Menasseh succeeds Hezekiah: rebuilds high places, does worse than any king. Amon succeeds Menasseh, does evil. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 22: King Josiah (Judah): faithful. book of law: found. prophetess Huldah: confirms Israel's ruin. Josiah: repents. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 23: King Josiah repents: reforms Judah, does major religious clean-up. followed by 2 sons who do bad again. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 24: Jehoiakim serves Nebuchadnezzar, rebels, dies. Jehoiakim's son surrenders elite to Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar appoints king of Judah #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Kgs 25: Israel + Judah: shattered. only the poorest remain in the country. everyone else: killed or exiled. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - 1 Chronicles

1 Chr 1-9: genealogy of Israel's tribes and kings, and job description of Levite temple guards. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 10: Saul, his sons, and his dynasty die because he was unfaithful to God. God makes David king. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 11: David: crowned, takes Jerusalem as his city. list of his mighty men and their exploits. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 12: God and Israel whole-heartedly support David. his army grows in number every day. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 13: David: 1st try to bring ark home. Uzzah: touches ark, dies. David: angry at God, leaves it with Obed-edom. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 14: David's fame, family, and military victories grow as a sign of God's favour. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 15: David follows commandment and Levites successfully bring ark to Jerusalem in liturgical procession. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 16: God and David move into Jerusalem. all Israel celebrates with big closing worship. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 17: David plans a house for God. God declines. David's son will build it, and David's house will endure forever. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 18: David extends Israel's borders. God gives David victory. spoils are used to finance building of Temple. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 19: David through Joab still expanding borders by successfully fighting more wars. God is on their side. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 20: David conquers the Ammonites. David and his mighty men fight against giants and are victorious. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 21:David orders census. God: displeased, sends plague on Israel. David pleads for mercy. God relents. plague ends. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 22: David provides the material and workers for the Temple, blesses Solomon and orders him to build it. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 23: David makes Solomon king, appoints Levite families to specific jobs in the Temple. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 24: David divides Aaron's sons into 24 priestly groups by casting lots. remaining Levites divided the same. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 25+26: Temple musicians, gatekeepers, treasurers, officers, and judges are all appointed by casting lots. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 27: David assigns men into military divisions. leaders of the tribes and civic officials are listed. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 28: David hands Solomon detailed plans for building the Temple and decorating the worship space. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

1 Chr 29: David leads grand service. Israel brings many offerings freely. Solomon made king 2nd time. David dies in peace. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - 2 Chronicles

2 Chr 1: Solomon is king now, asks God for wisdom. forms his military by trading silver for horses + chariots. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 2: Solomon prepares to build Temple + palace by hiring skilled artisans from Tyre + other foreign laborers #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 3: Solomon is building the Temple, and is decorating it lavishly with gold. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 4+5: Solomon finishes Temple by furnishing it opulently. brings in ark, tabernacle, + other holy items. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 6: in grand opening service Solomon reminds people of God's guidance and providence. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 7: God accepts offerings + prayers by sending fire from heaven. Solomon dedicates Temple. God speaks to Solomon. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 8: Solomon: more building projects, foreign slaves, marries, creates army bases, starts foreign trading. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 9: Queen of Sheba visits, marvels at Solomon's wisdom + wealth. Solomon dies as the wealthiest king on earth. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 10: Rehoboam takes over, angers Israelites by making them work more than Solomon had. Israel rebels, kingdom splits. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 11: division between Israel + Judah is God's plan. priests + Levites support Rebohoam. Rehoboam has many wives + kids. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 12: Rehoboam + all Israel abandon God's Law. Egyptian king wants to destroy Jerusalem. Rehoboam repents. later Rehoboam dies. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 13: Rehoboam's son Abijah becomes king of Judah. in battle against Israel Abijah cries for God's help. battle won. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 14: Asa succeeds Abijah as king of Judah. follows God, lives in peace. God wins battle against Ethiopians. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 15: Azariah prophesies: God is with Judah. King Asa + Judah give their lives to God. God gives them rest. #BibleTweets #AscensionYE

2 Chr 16: Israel at war with Judah. Asa relies on Aram instead of God. God removes his favor. Asa loses, gets sick, dies. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 17: King Jehoshaphat sends officials to all Judean cities to teach God's Law. peace + prosperity for all. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 18: King Jehoshaphat + King Ahab go to battle together. Micaiah predicts defeat + imprisonment. in battle Ahab dies, Jehoshaphat is spared.#BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 19: King Jehoshaphat of Judah's reform: appoints judges for political + spiritual matters as a return to God's rule. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 20: Judah at risk: huge enemy army. people pray for help. God destroys enemy. Judah allies with evil king, his reign=over #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 21: King Jehoram kills his brothers, leads Judah astray. adjacent peoples revolt. Elijah condemns Jehoram. Jehoram dies. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 22: King Ahaziah advised by mom, does evil. Jehu kills Ahaziah and brothers. Ahaziah’s mom kills Ahaziah’s sons. Ahaziah’s sister hides one son. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 23: priest Jehoiada instigates military coup: arms Levites and priests, crowns child Joash, murders queen. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 24: Joash is good while Jehoiada is priest. Jehoiada dies. Joash turns from God, kills Jehoiada’s son. enemy attacks Joash, Joash dies. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 25: King Amaziah goes to war with Edom + wins. Amaziah and Judah worship Edom gods. God is mad, hands Judah over to Israel. Amaziah is killed. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 26: King Uzziah seeks God, prospers, becomes strong and proud. punished with leprosy, dethroned, dies, excluded. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 27: King Jotham is faithful to God, starts lots of building projects, fights successful battles. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 28: King Ahaz: evil, worships foreign gods, defeated in battles, cursed by prophet, abandoned by allies, dies. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 29: King Hezekiah cleanses the Temple and restores worship of God. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 30: Hezekiah invites all Israel + Judah to Passover worship. many weren't clean. Hezekiah asks God to cleanse them. God does. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 31: Hezekiah destroys all pagan shrines. reorganizes priests + Levites, restores them to original purpose. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 32: Judah invaded by Assyria. God saves. Hezekiah is proud, but repents + saves Judah from God's wrath. dies in peace #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 33: King Manasseh does very evil. repents. God restores him. Manasseh dies. son Amon does even more evil, is killed. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 34: King Josiah stops false worship, repairs Temple, finds Book of Law, repents. God hears, covenant renewed. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 35: Josiah organizes first traditional Passover celebration, fights Pharaoh, dies. lavish state funeral. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

2 Chr 36: series of bad kings. Jerusalem razed. people exiled (Babylon: 70 yrs). Persian king calls people back to Jerusalem. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - Ezra

Ezra 1: God stirs Persian king to send Israelites home from Babylonian exile. Temple restored with help of king. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ezra 2: lists of people returning from Babylonian exile, especially priests, Levites, and their families. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ezra 3: leaders call people together. first worship after Babylonian captivity. foundation of Temple laid. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ezra 4: locals resist rebuilding of Temple + Jerusalem. they write a letter of complaint to Persian king. Temple workers forced to stop. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ezra 5: rebuilding of Temple resumed. letter to new Persian King Darius reporting about Temple's construction. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ezra 6: Darius decrees to finish Temple so people can worship God. all people attend dedication of Temple. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ezra 7: Ezra called to Jerusalem. Persian king grants blessing + support. Ezra can take other Israelites with him. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ezra 8: Ezra calls families, appoints priests. people fast + pray. 5000 people return to Jerusalem with goods for Temple. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ezra 9: Ezra prays to God admitting communal guilt + unworthiness due to intermarriage with surrounding peoples. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ezra 10: Ezra distraught. people agree to divorce their foreign wives to appease God. wives + children sent away. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - Nehemiah

Neh 1: Nehemiah confesses the unfaithfulness of his family + the people of Israel to God, + pleads for them. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 2: God sends Nehemiah to Jerusalem from exile, Nehemiah wants to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall. opposed by adjacent peoples. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 3: in great detail Nehemiah describes how many people rebuild and repair Jerusalem and the Temple. #Bible Tweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 4: enemies surround Jerusalem. Nehemiah prays to God for protection while constructions continue. #Bible Tweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 5: peasants enslaved, heavily taxed by nobles. Nehemiah scolds them. they repent. Nehemiah generous, cares for people #Bible Tweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 6: Nehemiah: intimidated by enemies + nobles of Judah. trusts God + finishes the wall around Jerusalem. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 7: Nehemiah taking census of returning exiles, and tracing their genealogy back to pre-exile. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 8: Ezra reads the Torah to all, Levites interpret words for people. all celebrate the Festival of Booths. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 9: all Israel gathers before God. on behalf of people Ezra confesses all sins + proclaims God's steadfast love. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 10: Israel signs a covenant to return to Mosaic law. neighboring peoples excluded. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 11: leaders of Israel + every 10th person chosen by casting lots live in Jerusalem. the rest live outside the city. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 12: big procession for dedication of Jerusalem walls lead by Levites + priests. list of jobs of Temple staff. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Neh 13: Nehemiah deals with defiled Temple, Levites going hungry, merchants ignoring sabbath, mixed marriages. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - Esther

Es 1: Persian king summons wife, she refuses, punishment: king divorces her to prevent other women from rioting. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Es 2: Esther is chosen as new queen. Mordecai tells Esther to warn the king of the plot to kill the king. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Es 3: Mordecai doesn't bow to Haman, king's commander. Haman plots to destroy all Jews on a specific day. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Es 4: Mordecai asks Esther to save him and her people the Jews from annihilation. Esther eventually agrees. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Es 5: king grants Esther anything before she asks .Esther plans banquet for king + Haman. Haman plans to hang Mordecai asap. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Es 6: king finds out Mordecai saved his life. wants to honour him, asks Haman to do the honour. Haman is crushed. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Es 7: 2nd banquet: Esther asks for Jews to be saved, reveals Haman's plan. king: outraged, orders Haman hanged. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Es 8: Mordecai promoted. writes letter to all peoples in king's name to counter Haman's decree to kill all Jews. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Es 9+10: Jews kill all their enemies, feast of Purim installed. Mordecai becomes very powerful + well respected. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - Job

Job 1: Job: righteous. God + the Satan: deal to test Job's faithfulness. Job loses property + children. Job worships God. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 2: God + the Satan make second deal: God inflicts sores on Job. Job's wife to Job: curse God + die. Job's friends sit with Job + grieve #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 3: Job curses the day he was born, wishes for the peace of death. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 4: Eliphaz first responds gently, then accuses Job of imperfection + wrongdoings to explain Job's suffering. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 5: Eliphaz advises Job to turn to God who is disciplining Job, Job should patiently wait for deliverance. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 6: Job answers Eliphaz that his complaints are just. Job is disappointed in Eliphaz's accusations + lack of comfort. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 7: distressed Job complains to God: God is just waiting for Job to sin so God can punish him even more. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 8: Bildad speaks to Job: defends God's actions; tells Job to repent his sins + God will stop punishing him. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 9: Job wants a trial with God to prove his innocence but concedes that God is too mighty for a fair trial. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 10: Job loathes his life, laments that he lives at all; confesses God's might, accuses God of crushing him. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 11: Zophar accuses Job of being sinful, or God wouldn't punish him. like Bildad, tells Job to repent. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 12: Job: fed up with his friends + their counsel. reminder: God is in control of everything, good and bad. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 13: Job continues rant against friends. pleads with God; wants to know reasons why God is punishing him. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 14: Job speaks of his mortality and insignificance, but hopes that God will care for him nevertheless. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 15: Eliphaz is angry that Job refuses to repent. still believes that God is punishing Job. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 16: Job reprimands his friends, then charges God again with unfairly afflicting him + gutting his spirit. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 17: Job becomes disheartened, wonders why God doesn't help him. would gladly die so his suffering ends. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 18: Bildad: angry because Job is not listening to his friends. describes wicked people - including Job. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 19: Job to friends: back off; his situation is only between God + him. still holds to God as his Redeemer. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 20: Zophar doesn't let Job off easy. serious accusations continue: the wicked get what they deserve. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 21: Job defends his innocence since wicked seem to go unpunished because they have nothing to do with God. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 22: Eliphaz makes harsh accusations against Job. orders Job to repent so that he will be restored. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 23: Job wonders if a hearing before God would prove his innocence; is also scared of such an encounter. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 24: Job bemoans injustices of life. lists the cruel deeds of the wicked against the poor and vulnerable. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 25 & 26: Bildad: humans can't even hope to be righteous before God. Job: God is almighty AND in the details. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 27: Job insists on his innocence, describes again God's way with the wicked. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 28: Job compares the difficulty of mining precious metals to the challenge of searching for wisdom. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 29: Job recalls the golden days of his life when he was a powerful, influential benefactor of the needy. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 30: Job is lamenting how far he has fallen, and how God seems to have pulled away. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 31: Job takes a long oath to swear his innocence. calls on God, his accuser, to answer him. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 32: young Elihu is fed up with Job and his 3 friends. begins his speech by rebuking Job's friends. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 33: Elihu speaks earnestly to Job, and reminds him that God is willing to redeem even the wicked. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 34: Elihu continues to chastise Job saying that Job has no right to question God. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 35: Elihu continues his accusations against Job's self-righteousness. God doesn't regard empty prayers. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 36: Elihu blames Job for being wicked, suggests that God is trying to teach Job. how can Job mess with God? #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 37: Elihu speaks of God's majesty. God doesn't pay attention to those who think they know better than God. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 38: finally! God answers Job listing all that God created + asking Job where he was at the time of creation. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 39: God's speech continues, reminding Job that God has authority over wild, untamed animals + cares for them #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 40: God demands Job respond. Job refuses. God challenges Job to be powerful as God. Job can't be. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 41: God speaks of dangerous, untameable Leviathan as part of God's good creation. God is in charge of all. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Job 42: Job repents. God rebukes Job's friends. God restores Job to 2x what he was before. Job dies of old, old age. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

#BibleTweets - Psalms

Ps 1: instruction of how to faithfully live life committed to God, God's world and God's people. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 2: promise of good for God's anointed king and people. warning for the enemies of the Lord's anointed. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 3: Psalmist asks God for help and rescue from numerous enemies. trusts God's deliverance. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 4: Psalmist asks God for help with unfaithful people. calls them to turn around and trust God. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 5: another Psalm for help. this time the Psalmist confidently trusts in God's deliverance from enemies. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 6: penitential psalm. prayer for recovery from grave illness and trust that God will deliver. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 7: prayer of help against false accusations. God is the only source of rescue. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 8: hymn of praise to God, the Creator. reminder that humans are called to be stewards of God's creation. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 9 & 10: intense prayer for help against the wicked, trusting God's unfailing faithfulness to life and justice. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 11: Psalmist refuses to leave a dangerous situation trusting that God is his refuge and ultimately in charge. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 12: psalmist feels abandoned, surrounded by evil. but still trusts in God to protect. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 13: God seems absent. psalmist cries out in anguish, but eventually trusts in God's steadfast love. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 14: psalmist denounces the notion that there is no God. reminds people to follow God and do good. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps15:psalmist describes how to be righteous with emphasis on relationships with people, not following rituals.#BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 16: psalmist is surrounded by people worshipping other gods. declares trust in and love for God. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 17: trusting in God psalmist cries out for help against enemies. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 18: a royal psalm of thanksgiving: psalmist confidently praises God for delivering him from enemies. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 19: the psalmist joins the silent voices of the heavens in praising God, the Creator, and God's Law. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 20: psalmist trusts in God and God's promises only to bring victory. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 21: psalm of thanksgiving for God's protection of the king and God's continuing faithfulness to his people. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 22: psalmist cries out to God during a life-threatening crisis. remembers and trusts God's faithfulness. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 23: the psalmist has confidence in God, the Shepherd, even though there is much to fear. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 24: communal praise to God Almighty, Creator of the whole world and everything in it. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 25: prayer for guidance and deliverance. psalmist trusts in God's promises. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 26: psalmist lists all the good things he has done, reminding God that he deserves to receive justice. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 27: psalmist confidently trusts in God's protection, and also asks for rescue from a dangerous situation. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 28: psalmist surrounded by the wicked, pleads for God's attentionandhelp, praises God's protectionanddefense. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 29: the psalmist praises God's glory in nature, which is mysterious and powerful like a storm. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 30: psalmist, looking back, gives thanks to God for deliverance from a major crisis. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 31: psalmist experiences great inner distress and social isolation, but also trusts in God's deliverance. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 32: after confessing sins psalmist rejoices in God's forgiveness. encourages others to do the same. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 33: psalmist praises God's faithfulness and goodness. true hope lies in God, the Creator of all things. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 34: psalmist give thanks for God's deliverance. reminds the righteous of God's steadfast faithfulness. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 35: psalmist fervently cries to God for help and deliverance from and punishment for malicious evil-doers. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 36: psalmist contrasts wicked who want to be their own gods with almighty God and God's steadfast love. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 37: psalmist urges righteous to trust in Godandlive for the long haul vs. wicked whose success is fleeting. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 38: psalmist is gravely ill and surrounded by enemies. repents of his sins and cries to God for help. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 39: psalmist struggles with God's silence, confesses sins, hoping for God to stop punishing him. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 40: psalmist begins psalm by giving thanks to God for deliverance, and finishes with prayer for more help. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 41: looking back, psalmist praises God for delivery from sickness and phony well-wishers. trusts God's care. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 42 & 43: psalmist, looking back, feels equally depressed and encouraged. longs for God and God's help. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 44: on behalf of people, psalmist reminds God of God's prior faithfulness and fiercely calls for God's help NOW. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 45: psalmist honours royal couple and blesses their marriage, reminding them that God is their foundation. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 46: communal praise about God's faithful presence, refuge, and protection from all harm. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 47: psalmist invites people to praise God with shouts and clapping, for God is ruler of all creation. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 48: psalmist praises God's presence and faithfulness through the beauty of Jerusalem. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 49: psalmist explains that before God all are equal, and God is in charge of life AND death. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 50: God is upset with animal offerings, scolds people for ignoring their side of the covenant. God prefers thanks & praise. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 51: psalmist recognizes own and all creation's sinfulness. utterly depends God for grace and forgiveness. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 52: psalmist reminds wrong-doers of God's prevailing power and faithfulness to His people. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 53: psalmist denounces the notion that there is no God. pleads for God to deliver His people. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 54: psalmist cries out to God for help from the ruthless. trusts in God's vindication. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 55: psalmist: betrayed by a friend. can deal with enemies but not this betrayal. calls to God for help. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 56: psalmist trusts God's promise despite enemies' threats. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 57: psalmist begins prayer by asking for God's help and ends in praise for God's faithfulness and refuge. #BibleTweets #Ascension

Ps 58: people suffer at the hand of evildoers. psalmist prays to God for vengeance, asks God to set things right. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 59: psalmist begs God for deliverance from enemies. trusts that God's faithfulness will prevail. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 60: people feel abandoned by God bc they are losing against their foes. still hope for God to restore them. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 61: psalmist feels distant from God. prays for guidance back to God's presence in the Temple. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 62: psalmist trusts in God alone. no wicked&no wealth can be trusted. God is our only rock and salvation. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 63: psalmist joyfully longs & searches for God's presence, for he has known God's love before. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 64: psalmist prays to God for protection. enemies think God doesn't see them but psalmist trusts God. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 65: psalmist praises and celebrates God's sustaining power through the bountiful fruits of creation. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 66: psalmist comes into relationship with God again. lots of praise. reminds people of God's goodness at all times. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 67: communal prayer for God's blessing & continuing relationship. song praising God's work in all the world. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 68: psalmist praises God for faithful guidance & presence among people, God's actions & glory revealed in nature. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 69: psalmist in dire need of God's help. trusts God to listen & punish enemies. praises God for deliverance. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 70: psalmist asks God for honour, and for rescue from enemies. rejoices in God's salvation. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 71: elderly psalmist seeks refuge in God. trusts God even though God's help might be hard to see at times. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 72: psalmist prays for blessings, guidance and support for the king. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 73: psalmist is tempted to leave God's path. yet, God's faithfulness is rock-solid. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 74: after total destruction of the Temple, psalmist pleads with God to remember God's covenant with people. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 75: the great thanksgiving of a community for God's rescue. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 76: psalmist praises God for God's love of peace, and God's judgment against evil. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 77: psalmist: in great distress, wondering where God is. then remembers God is present - even when unfelt. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 78: psalmist recalls Israel's story from time in Egypt to King David to teach about God's loving faithfulness. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 79: Temple and Jerusalem are destroyed. community cries out in anguish - pleads with God to help them. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 80: community prayer for God to turn away from judgment and to rescue them from danger. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 81: festival psalm in which God appeals to stubborn Israel to listen and obey God. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 82: God judges and condemns the heavenly beings for not acting justly towards creation. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 83: plea to the Most High for deliverance from Israel's numerous enemies and trust in God's faithfulness. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 84: psalmist praises God and is looking forward to worshiping in the Temple. rejoices in God's goodness. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 85: while community asks God for restoration, they also trust God's love, faithfulness, and righteousness. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 86: psalmist reveres God and confidently prays for help and rescue from enemies. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 87: Ode to Jerusalem: psalmist joyfully and poetically celebrates living in Zion under God's protection. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 88: psalmist, near to death, cries out to God in utter despair & without hope for a relationship with God. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 89: psalmist praises God's faithfulness, but then wonders how God could abandon the covenant with David. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 90: psalmist contrasts God's immortality with human frailty, asks for wisdom to see what God is up to. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 91: liturgical psalm - teaching and assuring about God's protection and deliverance. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 92: psalmist sings song of praise to God for deliverance from a crisis. trusts God's ongoing faithfulness. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 93: psalm praising God for God's everlasting and just kingship. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 94: psalmist prays to God for rescue from evildoers. trusts that God will eternally be faithful & steadfast. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 95: community praises & worships God as Creator & ultimate Ruler, warns not to test God but reminds to trust God #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 96: song of praise, reminding all the earth to praise God, for God loves all creation - no matter what. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 97: song of praise describes God's presence as invisible, majestic, and unsettling as a thunderstorm. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 98: call to all creation to praise God and acknowledge God's gracious kingship. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 99: hymn of praise: God's power is in establishing law, justice, and fairness, love and righteousness. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

Ps 100: song of praise and thanksgiving. all creation is called to praise God with heart and soul and mind. #BibleTweets #AscensionYEG

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